CNC router – a lot of holes

For easy fixation of the workpiece to the table the table has 14 mm deep holes with M5 thread. 7 x 7 and 6 x 6 holes in a checkerboard pattern at 5 cm distances, so 85 in total.
These holes were created with the router itself: the 15 mm aluminum table was placed on top of the temporary MDF table and 3mm deep holes were milled.
The Estlcam software that I use has a nice ‘Tile’ function for this: only the two bottomleft holes of the 7 x 7 and 6 x 6 pattern were drawn in Inkscape and via DXF exported to Estlcam.
In Estlcam the tile function was used to define the complete pattern of 85 holes and generate the G-code.

For M5 thread the hole diameter must be 4.2mm. I used a 1/8 inch single flute bit to mill them at accurate locations, but only 3 mm deep and decided to go for a different solution to drill them to their final depth.


Using the CNC mill to create the array of fixation holes


The Kress mounting bracket has a standard 42 mm diameter and so has my Skill drill.
So I temporarily removed the Kress mill and replaced it with the Skill drill to drill the milled holes to the full 14 mm depth.

Drill mounted in mill bracket
Drill mounted in mill bracket



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