CNC router – the table

For the table of the router I found interesting aluminum profiles on

The maximum width one of 370 mm would nicely fit my router design, but for cost reasons I decided to choose for a similar, cheaper solution as in the neo7cnc design.

On I found a vendor that sells small remainders of tooling plate aluminum for an affordable price, one of which 340 x 470 x 15 mm .
It’s a bit smaller than my maximum range, but 34 x 34 cm is OK for my applications and from the remaining piece of 13 x 34 cm I can create some connecting plates.

For fixing the workpiece to the aluminum table 85 holes with M5 thread are planned (in a checkerboard pattern of 7 x 7 and 6 x 6 at 5 cm interval).
To make this easier I decided to make a temporary 18mm MDF table first so that I could use the router itself to drill these holes.

Temporary MDF table
Temporary MDF table
Testing reproducability on the MDF table with a pencil
Testing reproducability on the MDF table with a pencil

As the top of the linear actuator of the y-axis is lower than the attached stepper motor it’s required to add spacers between the actuator and the table so that the table can move over the motor.

When the V-slot beams and gantry plates finally arrived I could start building. Originally my expectation was that I would need diagonal support beams for stability of the vertical portal, because the Y and Z axis linear actuators and milling motor are quite heavy.

But the combination of double slot V-slot beams and angle corner connectors with 90 degree joining plates make a very rigid construction.


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