Throttle Quadrant – short status update

Just a short status update on the throttle quadrant: the electromagnetic clutches from China have arrived and the first feasibility tests look promising.

Although the normal operating voltage for the clutches is 24V it looks like supplying them with 12V instead has some advantages: they get less hot and friction is strong enough to move the levers, but weak enough to enable manual override.

Next challenge was to find a proper location for 7 servos, 5 clutches and 5 potmeters.
It was quite a puzzle and the complete solution is not ready yet, but it looks feasible.

The design in Inkscape meanwhile uses several layers so that the individual mechanisms can be made visible separately. Once everything has been proven to work and it is no longer work-in-progress I will post the SVG file here. Until then only screenshots.

The aluminum servo arms that where used in the video are too large. Currently I’m waiting for dishes (20mm diameter). Once those have arrived I can start testing all servos.


In the meantime I’m also experimenting with the autothrottle switch for the MCP panel.
The one that can be operated manually, but can be switched off automatically.
Complete ones can be bought at a very high price, but I have an idea to build one myself from a simple toggle switch and a solenoid.
After dismantling one of the big switches it looks like there is enough space for such a modification.


The basic idea is to CNC two tiny 1.2mm wide slots in the switch housing, just below the metal cap and insert a 1mm aluminum strip that can be moved  in the opposite direction of the switch lever to reset the switch position. Depending on the size of the solenoid used the solenoid can pull the strip directly via a lever.
Or for a very small and weak solenoid the strip is pushed against a spring when the switch is armed and locked by a detent that can be pulled by the solenoid.


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