Yoke (EN)

In the Facebook Home Cockpit Builders Group I found a robust mechanism for the yoke column.
For the column itself I bought a 60 mm PVC pipe and 90 degree bend in the local DIY shop
Assembling of the mechanism was straightforward, drilling the two 10 mm holes through the PVC pipe must be done carefully though, because especially when the drill exits the material it breaks easily.

The yoke shell I bought at Cockpit PhD, but while writing this blog it doesn’t seem to be available in their webshop (anymore?)

Now the missing part was a way to attach the yoke shell to the column.
I noticed that the ball bearings that I used in the throttle quadrant fit inside the PVC bend, so I designed some 3D print parts in Sketchup Make to hold two of these ball bearings and that fit in the yoke shell hole and the PVC bend.

The rotating part left in the first picture above is connected to the yoke shell and will be held in the null position with four 20 mm long extension springs; I’ve ordered 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm variants to find the correct strength.

For the roll position sensing I’m also still experimenting: I want to see if the same linear hall effect sensor could be used that is used for the pitch sensor or as an alternative maybe this optical sensor, but the first results of a test with the hall effect sensor and a magnet that I had in stock look promising.

Connecting an Arduino as joystick to a PC appears to be easiest with an Arduino Micro or Leonardo (must have a ATmega32u4 controller), but unfortunately I don’t have that in stock, so I need to wait a bit before I can test that.


Yoke mount Sketchup Make 2016 3D model (magnet- and sensorholder not tested yet)

Yoke mount rotating part STL file

Yokemount fixed part STL file

Yoke mount magnet holder STL file (not tested yet)

Yoke mount sensor holder STL file (not tested yet)

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