Status July 2020

MCP and EFIS The MCP and both EFIS panels are fully functional and after I realized that I had forgotten to connect the GND of my electronics to the GND of the external backlight dimmer and had fixed this, the whole system is stable, also with the backlight LEDs embedded at the PCBs. Radio panels … More Status July 2020

Dual concentric rotary encoder with switch

During the summer there has not been much progress on the 737 throttle quadrant, but instead I’ve been improving my X-Plane 11 setup and taken some ‘flying lessons’ in the default X-Plane 11 Cessna with help of the great video tutorials of Jason Vriends. While struggling a bit with the Garmin GNS530 on-screen rotary switches … More Dual concentric rotary encoder with switch

Overhead panel: Nextion HMI electrical panel

In the Simbuilders Facebook group I saw an interesting idea to use an Arduino LCD screen for the cockpit AC/DC electrical metering panel that reports the various electrical voltages and currents. While searching for LCD displays for the Arduino I found the Nextion HMI touch displays. These are intelligent displays that can be programmed with … More Overhead panel: Nextion HMI electrical panel

The plan

Next to my flightsim computer are two office drawers. Because space is limited I was thinking “what if ….”. What if I would use the top half of these to house the overhead panel and pedestal of a Boeing 737 NGX 800?      So I did some measuring and sketches in the freeware vector drawing … More The plan