Arduino control of the throttle quadrant

Before ordering the large and relatively expensive throttle quadrant PCB some real-world testing of the circuits was done, controlled by the Arduino. The first test was to see that the clutches were correctly switched off by the limit switches. They were, e.g. when a handle reaches full throttle position, but often (but not always) the … More Arduino control of the throttle quadrant

PCBs, panels and throttle quadrant cosmetics

A lot of cockpit work has been going on simultaneously this summer: the new Cessna GPS printed circuit boards and switches with integrated LEDs have arrived. But also the universal B737 COM/NAV/ADF PCBs, so I’ve been working on both in parallel. And because I was curious what the planned backlighting would look like I’ve also … More PCBs, panels and throttle quadrant cosmetics

Throttle Quadrant – give me a brake

Another status update of the throttle quadrant. Meanwhile I’m working on the outer panels with the flaps, speedbrake, parking brake and stab trim functions. After checking more TQ projects photographs and videos on the internet I noticed the two ‘stops’ on the aluminum flaps guide, which are not always present on the throttle quadrants that … More Throttle Quadrant – give me a brake

Throttle Quadrant – short status update

Just a short status update on the throttle quadrant: the electromagnetic clutches from China have arrived and the first feasibility tests look promising. Although the normal operating voltage for the clutches is 24V it looks like supplying them with 12V instead has some advantages: they get less hot and friction is strong enough to move … More Throttle Quadrant – short status update