MCP – autothrottle switch, ‘active on’ version

As mentioned in the previous blog I have created a new variant of my solenoid autothrottle switch that is ‘active on’, i.e. by using a momentary ON toggle switch (1121S ON-ON + Momentary) the electromagnet (12V) must be powered to keep the switch in the ON position. Without current through the electromagnet the switch flips back to the … More MCP – autothrottle switch, ‘active on’ version

Yoke (EN)

In the Facebook Home Cockpit Builders Group I found a robust mechanism for the yoke column. For the column itself I bought a 60 mm PVC pipe and 90 degree bend in the local DIY shop Assembling of the mechanism was straightforward, drilling the two 10 mm holes through the PVC pipe must be done … More Yoke (EN)

Digitally controlled friction and PCB ground planes

After replacing the servo D-axis to fix the backlash in the left throttle handle I’ve been testing a power transistor to drive the clutches as an alternative to the relays. This worked fine, but I noticed that there were still synchronization problems between the left and right throttle handles, mainly near the middle throttle positions. … More Digitally controlled friction and PCB ground planes