More downloads will follow, but most of it is ‘work in progress’, so still changing.

NOTE: in the Pages section at the right column bottom you may find some pages that are password protected. This is because the designs on those pages have not been fully verified yet.
Once it has been proven that they are working the latest verified design will be uploaded and the password will be removed.

MCP PCB and 3D model for 3D printing of the knobs and CNC engraving of the MCP panel

EFIS PCB and 3D model for 3D printing of the knobs and CNC engraving of the panels

Arduino Master PCB design

Universal radio panel and Arduino radio panel backplane shield PCB design

Click on the picture to go to the download page

3D model and STL files for 3D printed MCP disengage cap

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Sketchup 3D MIP design

3D work in progress design of my 737 NG MIP, built with 12 and 9 mm MDF and 44 x 44 mm wooden beams. Click on the picture below to download.

1 1/2 seat because of space reasons, first officer seat misses the rightmost part.
Feel free to modify it to 1 seat or full 2 seat and share the modified design.
Design may not be sold.

Sketchup 3D pedestal design

3D work in progress design of my 737 NG pedestal, built with 12 mm MDF (left over from the MIP), 27 x 27 mm wooden beams, 20x10x2 mm T, 10x10x2 mm L aluminium rails and 3D printed rail connectors .
Click on the picture to download.

Feel free to modify and share.
Design may not be sold.

Throttle Quadrant labels


Throttle Quadrant labels as found on, converted to SVG format in Inkscape, texts converted to paths to avoid font problems. Version using fonts.

Flaps guide design


Alu flaps guide design SVG and DXF

Flaps optical encoder wheel

Note: in the latest design of my throttle quadrant the flaps handle uses a potentiometer instead that is mapped as a joystick axis to X-Plane.

Flaps optical encoder wheel design SVG and DXF

Flaps handle

Flaps handle mechanism design SVG and DXF.
Using pieces of adhesive furniture felt from the Action shop for smooth sliding.
At the photographs the top of the fixed part of the handle has an extra 2mm plate because the distance between handle and aluminum guide was a bit too large. The design in the SVG and DXF files has been updated (bent sliding part 2 mm shorter so that the handle comes 2 mm closer to the aluminum guide) so that the extra plate is not needed anymore.

TQ panel 3

Note: as my throttle quadrant design is still in progress it is recommended to check the Sketchup 3D model instead because panels still may change.
Also see my YouTube video tutorials on how to export STL files (for 3D printing) and DXF (for CNC cutting) from the Sketchup model.

TQ panel 3 design SVG and DXF

TQ panel 4

TQ panel 4 design SVG and DXF

TQ panel 5

TQ panel 5 design SVG and DXF

Knob cutouts design

Knob dimensions and pockets for thrust handle, reverser and fuel cutoff in SVG format. Fit on 737 knob set from


Knobs for flaps and speedbrake handle in SVG format

Stab trim indicator linkage model


Linkage mechanical link simulation model for stab trim indicator construction

Potmeter gear design


Potmeter gear design (32 T, modulus 1, matches with electromagnetic clutch ) in SVG, DXF and Estlcam format. G-code (single flute 1 mm end mill bit) D-shaft center hole and gear outline.
Sketchup 2016 3D source design 3 mm thick, Sketchup 2016 3D source design 5 mm thick, STL format 3 mm thick, STL format 5 mm thick for 3D printing.
The supplier where I purchased the original clutch unfortunately doesn’t sell it anymore, but I have found this possible replacement that has the same axis hole, gear diameter and number of teeth. It is a bit less deep and somewhat less Nm, but I expect it must be strong enough to replace the ones that I used.

Autothrottle solenoid MCP switch


Note: check the new ‘active on’ design for more realism

Preliminary Nextion and TJC HMI files used for the electrical panel

Below the HMI files can be downloaded for both the International and Chinese TJC variant of the 2.8 inch Nextion touchscreen as described in the looking forward: Nextion HMI electrical panel post.

Dual encoder switch

Design files page

Garmin GNS 530 GPS flightsim panel

Design files page

Other projects: cheap Bluetooth keypad based DIY page turner pedals

A small, unrelated CNC project for the summertime when there is less time for cockpit building, but I needed a place where the design can be downloaded.
Mechanical construction of two pedals that use a cheap Bluetooth wireless keypad to turn music score pages in the IOS app PiaScore.

Instruction video: