Four monitor MIP setup

A small update of my MIP monitor setup. In order to limit the required number of monitor outputs I’m using 4 monitors that display the captain chronometer, inbound and outbound displays (left monitor), first officer inbound and outbound displays (right monitor), upper EICAS and standby HSI displays (middle monitor in portrait mode) and both FMC and lower EICAS displays at the bottom monitor. The wide bezels of this bottom monitor unfortunately result in a somewhat smaller lower EICAS display.

All four monitors are driven by a separate networked PC running ZHSI and ZCDU with a second-hand NVIDIA Quadro NVS440 graphics card with 4 monitor outputs (these cards can still be bought quite cheap second-hand on eBay).
The MDF window frames meanwhile have been replaced by 3D printed ones with a 2 mm clear acrylic window allowing for somewhat larger displays.