Garmin GNS530 flightsim panel – OpenCockpits interface

In the YouTube video below the design of a flightsim panel for a Garmin GNS 530 GPS is shown.
The 40 pin connector has been layed out so that the pins match the input connector of an OpenCockpit Master card. The pinout can be found in the Excel sheet below.
A 800x480 VGA monitor and control board can be piggy-backed to the PCB for the GPS screen.
The dual rotary encoders with switch used in the design are described in one of the blogs on this site.
The KiCAD schematic and PCB layout designs are ready, the PCB has been ordered but has not yet been verified in practice, so use of the files below is at own risk.
The current revision for the schematic and PCB layout can be downloaded below, the CNC design for the buttons and panel will follow later.

Garmin GNS530 flightsim panel KiCAD schematic

Garmin GNS530 flightsim panel KiCAD PCB layout

Garmin GNS530 flightsim panel Zipped Gerber files

Excel sheet with 40-pin connector pinout