PCBs, panels and throttle quadrant cosmetics

A lot of cockpit work has been going on simultaneously this summer: the new Cessna GPS printed circuit boards and switches with integrated LEDs have arrived. But also the universal B737 COM/NAV/ADF PCBs, so I’ve been working on both in parallel. And because I was curious what the planned backlighting would look like I’ve also … More PCBs, panels and throttle quadrant cosmetics

Dual concentric rotary encoder with switch

During the summer there has not been much progress on the 737 throttle quadrant, but instead I’ve been improving my X-Plane 11 setup and taken some ‘flying lessons’ in the default X-Plane 11 Cessna with help of the great video tutorials of Jason Vriends. While struggling a bit with the Garmin GNS530 on-screen rotary switches … More Dual concentric rotary encoder with switch

Throttle Quadrant – verbeterde flaps sensor

In het originele throttle quadrant waarop mijn ontwerp is gebaseerd wordt een microschakelaar gebruikt om veranderingen in de flaps en speedbrake hendel posities te detecteren. Deze schakelaar schuift over een golfpatroon in een MDF paneel: de toppen van de golven sluiten de schakelaar, in de dalen tussen de toppen is de schakelaar open. Op deze … More Throttle Quadrant – verbeterde flaps sensor