Sixpack and master warning switch design files

Copyright Theo Deckers 2020

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Custom libraries common to all schematics and PCB layouts

KiCAD 5.0 mcp_panel symbol library with all the custom schematic symbols used in the schematics on this page.

KiCAD 5.0 mcp_panel.dcm file with descriptions, aliases and keywords for library symbols
You need the above two only if you want to open the source schematics below in KiCAD. There is also a PDF variant of all the KiCAD schematics and layouts.

KiCAD mcp_panel layout footprint library with all custom layout footprints used in the PCB layouts on this page.  You need this only if you want to open the source PCB layouts below in KiCAD.


KiCAD 5.0 schematic  (PDF)

KiCAD 5.0 PCB layout (PDF)

Gerber files (can be uploaded to a PCB manufacturer, see the instruction at the bottom of this page)

Interactive Bill of Materials (page may take some time to load)

ZIP file with all the PCB and mechanical design files

Master switches

ZIP file with all the mechanical design files


Shops that sell most of the used parts. Please report any broken links via the contact form

bright 3mm LEDs warm white
7 mm momentary push switch
Transparent orange and red acrylic for orange sixpack and annunciator LED diffusers, orange Master Caution switch front plates and red Fire Warning switch front plates

Master switches:
16 mm switches (momentary, white, 5V)

16 pin flatcable IDC connector
16 core flatcable

Engraving panel for sixpack text plate (1.8 mm Troply ‘black on white’)

Design files for 3D printing and CNC milling

Sketchup 2016 Sixpack 3D model for exporting 3D print parts (box) and CNC (orange acrylic diffusers)

Sketchup 2016 Master Switch 3D model for exporting 3D print parts (box and cap) and CNC (text plates)

This design is part of a complete system of Arduino Master PCB, MCP PCB, EFIS PCB, revision 2.0 radio backplane PCB (using the existing radio panel PCB design for 6 radios), MIP PCB and FMC PCB. Development and testing of these will take time, but once successfully tested  these will also be made available for free download in this blog.